Photochromic self-tinting adhesive window film

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Vendor : Fancyfix Home Decor

Product Type : window treatments

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Name:Photochromic window film
Size:11.8“×6.5feet / 17.5“×6.5feet
Installation Type:Peel and Stick

It's a type of window film that can change its tint level based on external conditions such as sunlight or heat. This film is designed to provide privacy, reduce glare, and control the amount of light and heat entering a room.

Photochromic self-tinting adhesive window film is typically made of a thin, transparent material that contains microscopic particles or chemicals that can react to certain stimuli. These particles or chemicals are responsive to changes in light intensity or temperature, causing the film to darken or lighten accordingly.

When exposed to sunlight or UV radiation, the film darkens, reducing the amount of light transmitted through the window. This helps to minimize glare, protect furnishings from fading due to UV rays, and provide privacy by making it difficult to see into the room from the outside. In low-light or shaded conditions, the film gradually lightens, allowing more natural light to enter the room.