Save Money on Your Energy Bills with Solar Control Window Film: Everything You Need to Know

Save Money on Your Energy Bills with Solar Control Window Film: Everything You Need to Know


This article will explain everything you need to know about our Holographic Sun Control Film. At Fancyfix, we believe that the more you know about window film, the more you will benefit from it. Let's explore how Holographic Sun Control Window Film can help you with your year-round cooling and heating costs and add style to your home.

Windows are everywhere, and we love them. We love the view of nature. But windows can also let heat into your home or office in the summer. They can also allow cold winter weather to seep inside. Holographic Self-Adhesive Solar Privacy Window Film can help you solve both of these problems. Not only do they make your interior feel better, but they also add a unique design to your windows. Yes, you can keep the natural light in and don't have to sacrifice any privacy.



It’s true that curtains and blinds add a layer of privacy to your home. They can also help with heat control. The big problem? They do both at the cost of natural light.

Fancyfix Holographic Self-Adhesive Solar Privacy Window Film Blocking out 99% of infrared rays, 42% of VLT means effectively reduce glare while some visible light can enther your room which maintain your good view. Window film helps to keep the heat out while letting the sunshine in.



Hologram Laser Window Film are Window film that have been printed on material that has a special iridescent-like effect. They have a rainbow sheen that, when covered in ink, provides a “holographic” background. When these stickers catch the light, they flash all the colors of the rainbow.

Holographic Laser Self-Adhesive Solar Privacy Window Film home decor

Discover the beauty of FancyFix Decorative Window Film. Our Hologram Laser Film offers a perfect balance of style and functionality. Create a sophisticated and private atmosphere with a variety of stunning designs. With easy installation and long-lasting performance, it's an ideal choice for homeowners seeking both beauty and practicality.


Our window privacy film is only visible from the outside, providing great privacy during the day, showing a mirror reflection effect on the outside while you can still see the view outside. Say goodbye to nosy neighbors and harmful UV rays.
Note: The side with the most light will have the mirror effect appear. When there is more light inside than outside, such as when the lights are on at night, the mirror effect will be reversed and you can see inside from the outside. Remember to close the curtains at night.


Enhance your windows with mesmerizing holographic patterns, adding charm to your living space. Consider your specific needs, choose a design that complements your decor, and enjoy easy installation and maintenance. Embrace energy efficiency while creating a visually stunning environment. Take the next step and transform your space with hologram solar control film today.

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