Does widnow film save energy and eco friendly?

Does widnow film save energy and eco friendly?

Many people are turning to window film as an easy, cost effective way of providing privacy, sun protection, and an attractive window treatments. But is window film eco-friendly?

Not all window films are created equal.

While consumers may find window film to be a cost friendly, application friendly option, can they be sure that the window film they are using is good for the environment – and for their families? Some people worry about window film. Consumers have concerns about how eco-friendly materials like vinyls and plastic. Can be. After the big scare about heated plastics in a microwave, they wonder if perhaps having window film on a window, heating up, is safe. They are afraid of the touch of plastic, worried about the possibility of heavy metal or other toxic transfer to body, and wonder if with the heating of sunlight, toxins would volatilize. These people can heave a sigh of relief. As long as you are getting window film form a trusted source, there is no reason to worry about dangers; Fancy Fix window film is safe and eco-friendly.

How can you know?


Holographic Laser Window Film

Consumer concerns can be resolved if they buy from a company with strict standards of material selection, manufacturing, and treatment of window film. Fancy Fix follows the following protocols:

  • Non-toxic materials. We use only materials that are certified to be safe, and don’t use any materials known to be toxic or non-eco-friendly.
  • Clean workrooms. We avoid any toxins being introduced during the manufacturing process by ensuring our workrooms are kept clean and free from any potential residue or toxic fumes that could taint the product.
  • Third party testing. Finally, we use a third party company to perform testing at the final stage. This means that we cannot affect the test results and you can trust that our products are eco-friendly.

Don’t worry about using window film to protect your home, your privacy, and your health. When you use window film, you are using an eco-friendly, recyclable product, and one that is also reusable, can be repurposed for other glass surfaces such as dividing panels or glass in a bathroom or other area. You are also saving energy when you use window film, as by blocking the sun’s rays you avoid heating up the interior of your home and incurring extra cooling costs. Overall, window film should definitely be near the top of the list when you think about new window treatments for your home. It’s the responsible choice!

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